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Roo Ball Draw

Saturday 6 March

Hosting clubs contribute a lot of hard work to ensure the success Carnivals for all teams involved, so all nominated teams must attend. A fee of $5.00 per player will be charged, and all players will be given participation ribbon or medallions. Hand the money to your Team Manager at the beginning of the carnival so that they can take it to the canteen for collection. Only one team sheet for the day needs to be completed.Clubs are fined $50.00 for any nominated team which fails to attend. To find the venue details go to

Under 6 Carnival

Chancellor Park Soccer Club - Draw

Bli Bli Dragons
Buddina Pippies
Buddina Squids
Buderim Mist
Caloundra Red
Caloundra White
Coolum Snappers
Currimundi Snappers
Immanuel Dingoes
Chancellor Chameleons
Chancellor Chasers
Chancellor Crocs
Chancellor Crows
Mooloolaba Rockets
Mooloolah Keelbacks
Nambour Black Cat Cubs
Palmwoods Amazons
Siena Tigers
Siena Dragons
Stella Whirlwinds
Stella Heat
Stella Storm
Unity Grass Snakes
Unity Night Tigers


Pacific Soccer Club - Draw

Bli Bli Braves
Buddina Guppies
Buddina Hammerheads
Buderim Icebergs
Caloundra Black
Caloundra Gold
Currimundi Lionfish
Currimundi Wahoos
Immanuel Leopards
Mooloolah Vipers
Nambour Leopard Cubs
Noosa Gold
Pacific Snappers
Pacific Stingrays
Palmwoods Spartans
Palmwoods Valkyries
Range Rockets
Siena Cobras
Stella Hurricanes
Stella Turbulence
Stella Typhoons
Unity Adders
Unity Rattlesnakes
Unity Tiger Snakes

Under 7 Carnival

Unity Soccer Club - Draw

Buderim Arctic
Chancellor Cadets
Coolum Jellyfish
Mooloolah Strikers
Nambour Jungle Cats
Palmwoods Highlanders
Stella Freeze
Stella Tornados
Unity Hoop Snakes
Unity Racer Snakes

Under 8 Carnival

Unity Soccer Club - Draw

Buddina Barracudas
Chancellor Cannons
Immanuel Crocodiles
Mooloolah Red Bellies
Palmwoods Mavericks
Stella Breeze
Unity Anacondas
Unity Copperheads
Unity Keelbacks

Under 9 Carnival

Unity Soccer Club - Draw

Buderim Earthquakes
Caloundra Gold
Chancellor Chipmunks
Mooloolaba Astros
Unity Diamondbacks

Under 10 Carnival

Unity Soccer Club - Draw

Buderim Freeze
Caloundra Black
Caloundra Blue
Unity Taipans
Unity Vipers 

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